207THC and After Hours Headshop

25 Lisbon Street
Call: 795-7600

I have been open well over a decade in the Lewiston downtown I was born and raised here and I’m raising my daughter here.

My two businesses that share 25 Lisbon St. one After Hours Headshop which carry’s anything you could ever dream of for ones smoking pleasure from bongs, papers, vapes, scales, grinders, carrying cases, CBD and so so much more.

207THC has been always been a dream of mine and why I opened my shop so long ago. I care passionately about providing the best friendliest dispensary storefront experience for marijuana customers as I possibly can. I have more than 20 flower strains always in stock, tons of extracts, distillate carts and edibles provide by my facility and a select group of other top notch facilities around the state.

Our industry is growing more everyday and at my shops we are dead set on doing our best to provide the best affordable products as well as top shelf inventory for every type of marijuana fan.

Parking: Parking can be tricky at times but if you follow my directions it’s completely doable. If you happen to find no parking on Lisbon street just take a right into Main st there are usually spots right along there before you get to Oak St. If not take a right into Park st and there is cheap paid parking or what I recommend is parking in the parking garage on Park st it’s free up to an hour and only a 30-40 second walk from my shop.