Why Lewiston/Auburn?

Strength in Numbers – A labor force of 165,000 lives within 25 miles of LA Maine

Young, Diverse Population – LA Maine has a higher percentage of persons aged 20 and under than the rest of Maine, and is among the most culturally diverse areas in the state

Education & Training – Five institutions of higher learning are located in LA Maine, providing lifelong learning opportunities for residents and employees

Location – Easy access to transportation routes, an extensive commercial rail network, and public transport options for businesses and employees. Nearly 60% of the state’s population lives within 50 miles of LA Maine

Advanced Infrastructure – Modern & well-maintained infrastructure systems aid small and large businesses alike, including 227 miles of 10 Gigabit Fiber to the Premises (FTTP), one of the most advanced telecommunications technologies in the world

Why Downtown Lewiston?

Since 2010, the City of Lewiston has tracked that over $111,880,981 has been invested in the downtown. Resulting in 340,950 s.f. of new or rehabbed commercial space downtown, 642 new jobs, and 165 jobs retained.

It can be estimated that 25% of all jobs in Lewiston are located in the downtown area.

Downtown Lewiston

2014 Average Annual Daily Traffic count for Lisbon Street (Downtown) 4,620
2014 Average Annual Daily Traffic count for Lisbon Street (Downtown Southern Entrance) 17,170
2014 Average Annual Daily Traffic count for Main Street (North of Downtown) 23,230
2014 Average Annual Daily Traffic count for Main Street (Longley Bridge) 31,030


Downtown Lewiston Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts
Year 2013
Location Main/ Lisbon
Time in Hours 12
Pedestrians 582
Bicycles 6


City of Lewiston

Population estimates, July 1, 2016 36,140
Land area in square miles 2010 34.15
Households 2012-2016 15,772
Persons per household 2012-2016 2.15
Owner-occupied housing unit rate 2012-2016 49.2%
Median value of owner-occupied housing units 2012-2016 $143,500
Median household income (in 2016 dollars) 2012-2016 $38,199


The following is excerpted from Lewiston Police Dept. Presentation: “Perception vs. Reality”
Crime rate defined
Crime rate is the number of offenses per 100,000 population, is derived by first dividing a jurisdiction’s population by 100,000 and then dividing the number of offenses by the resulting figure.

Part 1 crime defined
Murder, Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny, Motor Vehicle Theft, & Arson

Lewiston’s 2014 Part 1 crime rate compared to the state of Maine

1) Mexico 67.41 14) Auburn 39.87
2) Augusta 62.99 15) Sanford 39.24
3) Skowhegan 58.93 16) Damariscotta 37.14
4) Thomaston 57.67 17) Ogunquit 35.13
5) Bangor 53.40 18) Portland 34.72
6) Oxford 52.21 19) Westbrook 34.76
7) Swan’s Island 51.20 20) Bridgton 33.35
8) Waterville 46.50 21) South Portland 33.01
9) Biddeford 46.33 22) Belfast 28.68
10) Rumford 44.87 23) Rockland 28.37
11) Ellsworth 43.48 24) Gardiner 27.52
12) Calais 40.92 25) Brewer 27.32
12) Carrabassett Valley 40.92 26) Lewiston 26.87

(out of 113 reporting cities and towns – according to the State of Maine Public Safety Crimes in Maine Report)

Lewiston’s Part 1 Crime rate over time
1985 = 82.59
1995 = 63.21
2005 = 37.46
2015 = 22.56

Lewiston Workforce

Total Primary Jobs 2015
Total Primary Jobs 23,695 100.0%

Worker Age 2015
Age 29 or younger 4,689 19.8%
Age 30 to 54 13,107 55.3%
Age 55 or older 5,899 24.9%

Earnings 2015
$1,250 per month or less 3,971 16.8%
$1,251 to $3,333 per month 11,091 46.8%
More than $3,333 per month 8,633 36.4%

Worker Educational Attainment 2015
Less than high school 1,487 6.3%
High school or equivalent, no college 5,956 25.1%
Some college or Associate degree 6,633 28.0%
Bachelor’s degree or advanced degree 4,930 20.8%

Worker Sex 2015
Male 10,173 42.9%
Female 13,522 57.1%

Inflow/Outflow Job Counts (Primary Jobs) 2015
Employed in Lewiston 23,695 100.0%
Employed in Lewiston but Living Elsewhere 17,855 75.4%
Employed and Living in Lewiston 5,840 24.6%
Living in Lewiston 14,320 100.0%
Living in Lewiston but Employed Elsewhere 8,480 59.2%
Living and Employed in Lewiston 5,840 40.8%


Commuting Patterns for Lewiston/Auburn

MSA Jobs by Distance, 2014 Count Share
Total, All Jobs 50,060 100.0%
Less than 10 miles 24,133 48.2%
10 to 24 miles 13,137 26.2%
25 to 50 miles 8,485 16.9%
Greater than 50 miles 4,305 8.6%
MSA Jobs by Direction, 2014 Count Share
Total, All Jobs 50,060 100.0%
North of Work 6,861 13.7%
Northeast of Work 9,455 18.8%
East of Work 5,521 11.0%
Southeast of Work 5,482 10.9%
South of Work 6,967 13.9%
Southwest of Work 5,768 11.5%
West of Work 4,572 9.1%
Northwest of Work 5,444 10.8%

Source: US Census On The Map, Distance/Direction Analysis

Commercial Real Estate Costs Lewiston/Auburn

Per Square Foot Costs, Commercial Real Estate Lew/Aub MSA PORTLAND, ME MANCHESTER, NH WORCESTER, MA
Office for Sale, Per Sq. Ft. $66.03 $105.77 $88.77 $114.67
Office for Lease, Per Sq. Ft. $10.76 $13.23 $13.42 $15.64
Industrial for Sale, Per Sq. Ft. $30.65 $47.70 $62.37 $52.43
Industrial for Lease, Per Sq. Ft. $4.50 $5.51 $6.25 $6.41
Retail for Sale, Per Sq. Ft. $75.18 $108.80 $108.80 $117.05
Retail for Lease, Per Sq. Ft. $10.81 $13.78 $14.39 $13.79

Source: Loopnet, Commercial Real Estate Market Trends, March, 2015

Cost of Living Lewiston/Auburn

Lewiston Auburn Cost of Living Overview LA Maine Vs. National Average Maine Vs. National Average
Overall Cost of Living +0% +6%
Health Care +21% +13%
Child Care +5% +3%
Taxes +3% +15%
Food +0% +0%
Transportation -6% +3%
Other Necessities -7% +2%
Housing -12% +4%

Source: CareerTrends.com Cost of Living, August, 2015

Rents Lewiston/Auburn

Residential Real Estate Cost Comparison Lewiston-Auburn Maine
Median Home Price $130,000 $176,000
Average 2-BR Rent, With Utilities (per mo.) $799 $850

Source: Maine Housing, Housing Facts, 2015

Bates College

2 Andrews Road, Lewiston
Bates College is a private institution that was founded in 1855. It has a total undergraduate enrollment of 1,780 and the campus size is 133 acres. It utilizes a 4-4-1-based academic calendar. Bates offers bachelor of arts and bachelor of science degrees in a number of subjects. The General Education requirement is intended to provide students with a well-rounded education, but students still choose a specialized field of study from more than 30 available majors.

Central Maine Community College

1250 Turner Street, Auburn
Central Maine Community College provides quality, accessible college education and lifelong learning opportunities by offering career and technical education; education for transfer to the baccalaureate level; and services to support economic development and community vitality.
To achieve the mission, Central Maine Community College offers:
-Career and technical education that prepares students for employment and continued education
-Education that prepares students for transfer to the baccalaureate level
-Lifelong learning opportunities to area residents to improve workplace skills, enhance job and career prospects, and enrich their lives
-Services to support economic development and community vitality
-The highest quality services while maintaining the broadest accessibility to our students and community

Purdue Global – Lewiston Campus

475 Lisbon Street, Lewiston
In 2003, Andover College added an instructional site in Lewiston, Maine. The first class was enrolled in 2004, and enrollment grew rapidly. In 2010 Lewiston became a branch campus of Kaplan University (now Purdue Global). The Lewiston campus offers students a choice of associate’s and bachelor’s degrees in legal studies, business and management, and many other fields.

Maine College of Health Professions

70 Middle Street, Lewiston
The primary purpose of the Maine College of Health Professions is to graduate educated individuals in the healthcare sciences to serve the people of Maine. At the Maine College of Health Professions, clinical education is an integrated approach that provides students with context-based learning that is gained through actual professional healthcare interactions and through an opportunity to experience actual work in the clinical practice setting.

University of Southern Maine Lewiston-Auburn College

51 Westminster Street, Lewiston
Lewiston-Auburn College (LAC) at the University of Southern Maine, is a leader in interdisciplinary education, integrating the liberal arts with workplace and community. Our mission is to engage and graduate students through a transformational educational experience—preparing them to be creative critical thinkers, strong and effective communicators, and informed stewards of the world.

Central Maine Medical Center

300 Main Street, Lewiston

St. Mary’s Regional Medical Center

93 Campus Avenue, Lewiston

For more information about the City of Lewiston there really is no better resource then… The City of Lewiston! www.lewistonmaine.gov
and their team in The Economic Development Department http://www.lewistonmaine.gov/127/Economic-Community-Development-Departmen