Is this a family-friendly event?
It’s not-not family friendly. There will be music playing throughout the day and it won’t be censored so we can’t guarantee you won’t hear John Meyer say the s-word.
Can I bring my pet?
No. Please leave your pets at home.
Where can I park?
The parking garages on Oak Street and Canal Street will be operational or you can try to find street parking (but good luck with that).
Can I set up a booth to sell my products/art/work?
No. For this inaugural year there are no outside vendors that will be allowed.
Can I setup my food truck in the event area?
No. We already have our food truck spaces filled for this year.
Are the businesses going to be open for shopping?
Unless they announce otherwise on their websites or social media, yes.

Are people allowed to drink beer/alcohol in the street/sidewalks?
No. ABSOLUTELY NO. There will be a beer garden in Dufresne Plaza and that is the only place outside of a bar/restaurant that alcohol my be consumed. (unless you really want to spend the night in the clink)
Can I bring my own beer?
No. ABSOLUTELY NO. If you do and you decide to drink it anywhere in the event area, some nice police officers will escort you to the police station.
Can I bring a cooler?
No. You and your cooler will be escorted out of the event area.

Other Information
Shoes and Shirts – Yes wear them. This isn’t your back yard.
Smoking – PROHIBITED (This is a welcome celebration for The American Lung Association’s Trek Across Maine – American LUNG Association)