Sponsor & Support The Downtown Lewiston Association

Want to support our efforts but don’t live or have a business/building in the Downtown Lewiston Commercial Area? Are you already a member but want to do more to support our work?

To keep Downtown Lewiston moving in a positive direction, we need support from everyone.

  • Downtown building owners who wish to revitalize properties
  • Businesses who want to help increase the number of patrons downtown
  • Residents in the downtown who wish to increase walkability and quality of life
  • Non-profit organizations who wish to increase awareness of their efforts
  • Residents of Central Maine who wish to have a thriving downtown to shop and recreate in
  • Local businesses who see value in a prosperous and economically vibrant city center

We cannot stand idly by and wait for these things to happen or expect that taxpayer money will solve all our needs, we need to invest in our own future. Having a prosperous downtown is an invaluable resource to a city, it draws visitors, provides shopping places for residents, attracts more and larger business investment, creates a positive image of the city, and increases the quality of living for residents and business workforce citywide. The vitality of Lewiston’s Downtown is everyone’s responsibility and by donating to our cause you will help us achieve these goals through our own initiatives and through partnerships with city administration.