Immerse yourself in the artistic pulse of Lewiston through its captivating art galleries. Discover a diverse range of visual expressions, from contemporary works to traditional masterpieces. Our galleries showcase the creativity of local and regional artists, providing a visual feast that adds to the cultural richness of Lewiston’s vibrant art scene.

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Frame Repair, Restoration

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Our mission is to engage and inspire a vibrant community through arts and culture.

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Dedicated to the education, creation and enjoyment of art


Journey into knowledge at Lewiston’s libraries, where literary treasures await. Explore a world of books, resources, and community engagement. From cozy reading nooks to cutting-edge technology, our libraries foster a love for learning, creating a haven for intellectual exploration and connection in the heart of Lewiston.

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At over a century old, the Lewiston Public Library today is an invaluable community asset. This important public repository of knowledge and culture serves as a focal point for education and information.


Embark on a historical and cultural voyage in Lewiston’s museums, where captivating exhibits unfold narratives of the past and present. From local heritage to global wonders, these institutions offer immersive experiences that celebrate diversity and inspire curiosity, making each visit a journey through time within the heart of Lewiston.

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Our mission is to engage and inspire a vibrant community through arts and culture.

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Preserving and celebrating diverse stories of hard-working people and creative invention.


Wrap yourself in the enchanting world of live performances at Lewiston’s theaters. From gripping dramas to lively musicals, experience the magic of the stage in our diverse venues. Local theaters showcase talent, entertain, and provoke thought, contributing to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Lewiston.

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The Maine Music Society serves area communities by bringing quality performances to the public through artistic excellence and imaginative programming.

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We strive to honor and preserve our Franco-American heritage, and welcome our neighbors from diverse cultures through live performances, celebrations, and education.

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The Public Theatre’s mission is to create high quality professional theatre that is integral to the lifeblood of our community.